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"I can't stop listening to Unhitched. Love how this southern rock, pop and country band injects charisma into everything they do. They can get raw when they rock out with a honky-tonk twang, they can romance you, they can get you dancing to a song you never heard before, and they can make you snicker with their clever lyrics.

—  Jed Hartman, former publisher, Time Magazine



Used to be your own man

Stuck to your own plan

Kept to your own time

Did it on your own dime


Now you’re putting on a new face

Moving at new pace

Lightin’ up a new scene

Bowin’ to a new queen


And I say hey, hey, what do you say?

You shuck and you jive when she lookin’ your way

Ooh, ohh, what do you do?

She got you doing headstands


You were headin’ for a breakdown

She caught you on a rebound

Showed a little backside

And hit you like landslide


She got you in a deep freeze

Put you down on your knees

Got all up in your kitchen

Became your new religion


And I say hey, hey, what do you say?

You shuck and you jive when she lookin’ your way

Ooh, ohh, what do you do? 

She got you doing headstands

Yes, yes, she shimmy that dress

You're walkin' real tall like you wanna impress

Oh, no, where’d ya go?

She got you doing headstands


Who's that girl got you running around

Got you upside down

Acting like a wannabe?

Tell me who’s that daisy driving you crazy?

I’m thinking she looks just a little like me

© 2020 Garnhart/McConnell/Radlmann



Unhitched was written, performed and produced by Southpaw.

Margie Lang-Garnhart plays fiddle on Within You, We Need a New Love Song and Undiscovered.

Unhitched cover design by Charles "CJ" Morris.

Photographic contributions from Adam Bixby, Greg Rakozy, Ivan Yeo, Jinen Shah, Wilhelm Gunkel, Victor Clime, Mihaly Koles, Elijah Ekdahl, Raphael Nast, and Helena Lopes.

No animals were harmed in the making of this album.

Sean Garnhart says, "Thank you to Geff Garnhart and Margie Lang-Garnhart for fiddling around with Southpaw.  Jill, Lindsey, and Mason, you guys have amazing ideas, and I appreciate the constant flow of creativity and support. Keep it comin’!"

Christine Radlmann says, "Thank you, Erich, Zach and Emilia for being my perpetual cheerleaders, and for enduring countless hours of my voice echoing off the walls of our home. Endless thanks to my family and to my friends who are like family--your support means the world to me.

Colin McConnell says, "Thank you, Cheryl, Carly and Vaughn McConnell for supporting my passion. Jordon McConnell, thank you for your creativity, feedback, and ideas. Mom and dad, thanks for passing along the music gene and letting me quit trombone."

Credits & Thanks
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