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2023 Country Group of the Year

2023 Modern Country Song of the Year

2022 Female Country Vocalist of the Year

- Josie Music Awards, Nashville, TN

Top-10 National Finalist

- 2021 Jack Daniels Battle of the Bar Bands


Lead singer Christine Radlmann and multi-instrumentalists Colin McConnell and Sean Garnhart form country music juggernaut Southpaw. With compelling storytelling, infectious melodies and soul-stirring vocal performances, Southpaw serves up a distinctive North-Meets-Nashville country vibe.


Their debut album, “Unhitched,” reached #3 on Amazon’s Hot Country Releases and has garnered radio play on 600+ radio stations worldwide. Beginning in April of 2023, “Unhitched” will be available on CD through ADA/Warner Music Group, distributed by Deko Entertainment.

Formed in 2018, Southpaw is a collaboration of three New Jersey musicians with distinctly different, acclaimed creative careers.


Christine Radlmann

Once there was a karaoke machine, and a little girl who drove her family crazy. Now there’s Christine Cuccio Radlmann, the soulful vocal force of Southpaw. Christine’s love affair with country music began in humble New Jersey honky tonks. She would go on to polish her chops over more than a decade of live performances. But life is more than a song for Christine. She’s also an accomplished poet, published in literary magazines such as the North American Review, the New York Quarterly, the Carolina Quarterly and Valparaiso Review. And she’s a prodigious literary editor with copyediting credits that include the Twilight Series and authors such as Jerry Seinfeld, Maria Shriver, Carl Reiner, Kim Cattrall, and Julie Andrews.


Colin McConnell


Colin was born into a musical family. His indie music journey began at age 15 when he cast aside the trombone for the more socially viable guitar and began studying influences such as Mark Knopfler, David Gilmour, and Stevie Ray Vaughan. By age 20, Colin was writing and producing songs on four-track recorders. He’s written and produced more than 100 songs since, and his roots in rural Pennsylvania have manifested in a passion for country music that infuses Southpaw. When not writing or performing, Colin channeled his creativity into a successful marketing and communications career that included interesting stops such as speechwriter, managing a broadcast production facility, and running an ad agency. His work in advertising has garnered top accolades, including Cannes Lion, Clio, and Effie awards—and even a Guinness World Record.


Sean “Squack” Garnhart


If you’ve watched TV or seen a few movies, odds are you’ve heard Sean’s work. An Emmy-winning sound designer and re-recording mixer with over 150 film and TV credits, Sean has spent the better part of his life surrounding you with music and sound, working with notable creators such as the Farrelly Brothers, the Coen Brothers, M. Night Shyamalan, Joel Schumacher and Judd Apatow. Sean’s passion for music took root at age three when he began piano lessons with an accomplished teacher, his mother. By his teens, Sean was playing piano bars in Pittsburgh. Sean has been a published songwriter since 1997. In addition to producing four of his own albums, he has written, arranged, produced, recorded and mixed for many other artists. When he’s not creating great music with Southpaw, Sean owns and operates his own studio in New Jersey and also works in New York City and LA.

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