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Introducing the Southpaw Shake

Southpaw was beyond thrilled to witness the "Southpaw Shake" dance, choreographed by the immensely talented Lisa Benke to our song "Shake (What My Momma Gave Me)." Lisa is the owner of Sweat Sanctuary, a NJ-based dance studio for adults and kids alike offering a variety of classes from ballet to barre to yoga to hip-shakin' Sweat&Movement, the latter of which is the class that danced to the Southpaw Shake. We wrote "Shake" to celebrate all women who feel confident in their skin, and we applaud the Sweat Sanctuary women for shakin' what their mommas gave 'em! The dance falls into the "hick-hop" category, where it's a combination of dance styles incorporating country line dance, hip-hop, and jazz.

Email us at if you are interested in watching a video of a slow walk-through of the dance, so you can learn it too!

You can view the Southpaw Shake in action on our YouTube channel:

If you're local to Central NJ and would like more information about Sweat Sanctuary NJ's classes, visit

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